Colossal Subterranean

Colossal Subterranean
Faction: Independent Mercenary



Faction: Independent Mercenary

Sculpted by: Cline A. Siegenthaler

Certain characters within Kaiju Kaos do not belong to a Faction. These models can be added to any army if the Build Points and Alignment permit, but typically they operate on their own. Colossal Subterraneans are Independent Mercenaries.

Subterranean kaiju of various sizes and appearances were born as a result of the Rift of 2003. Throughout the world, the vicious creatures known simply as Colossal Subterraneans can be found if ample food supplies exist. A favorite food of the Colossal Subterranean is dragon and dinosaur flesh. For this reason, many subterranean kaiju gravitate to Kaos Island and the Carpathian Mountains.

All Kaiju Kaos miniatures are designed for play with other 28mm (1:56 scale) gaming miniatures. Colossal Subterraneans are Size 7 kaiju which means they have a 7 inch diameter base. Each Colossal Subterranean comes in 7 resin pieces, ready for assembly.

Complete game stats for a Colossal Subterranean can be found at WargameVault.com  in product #BRCSD916.