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Authors CS Marks and VJ Waks Launch new Books at Gen Con Indy 2013 August 15 - 19 Get first run, autographed copies of VJ Waks' and CS Marks' new books at ComicCon Chicago, Aug. 8-11th and in in Authors Alley Gen Con Indy August 15-19. 'I don't want to go among mad people.' Yet that is what Caspian Hythe must do -- and for how much longer? In a place once safe and sane, madness and worse now flourishes. Within a frenzied wave of horror and death -- from out of a rupture in the very fabric of space and time -- a gauntlet has been thrown. Now he must return -- to combat an Evil that hungers for much more than mere dominion. It seeks the Future itself. In a world turned upside down, and backwards, He will enter the Looking Glass How much of a man's world, how much of his life will he risk to possess everything he has ever wanted? Rain--King and Warrior,stern and duty-bound. Who could have foreseen hw would ever encounter the one who would change his life forever? But he does. From the creator of the beloved World of Alterra comes a tale of passion and determination., of sacrifice and courage. Rain has found a foe he cannot overcome with sword or strategy.