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Z-bomination Soldiers Pack #1 (2)

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Z-bomination Soldiers Pack #1 (2) Faction: Serum Z Zombies

Name: Z-bomination Soldiers Pack #1 (2)

Faction: Serum Z Zombies

Sculpted by: Bryan K. Borgman


Zombies are handled in two distinct ways in Kaiju Kaos. Some Zombies are the result of the Serum Z infection that turns Living models into mindless cannibals. These viral Zombies are an indirect result of Dr. Kaos’ experimentation. The other type of Zombie is the result of arcane enchantment derived from the Talisman on Ayiti. The latter are typically referred to as Voodoo Zombies or Crazies. Voodoo Zombies are not contagious like Serum Z Zombies so their victims, when slain, do not become new Zombies. All Zombies are Undead and can be in a Faction together or in opposition of one another depending on the game scenario.

For unknown reasons, some creatures infected by Serum Z evolve beyond “typical” walkers and biters. These evolutionary mutants are known as Z-bominations. They often have limbs of unnatural length or weapons grafted into their decaying flesh. Many Z-bominations exhibit heightened special abilities, and some have natural weaponry such as acid or poison breath and large, bony spikes.

Z-bomination Soldiers Pack #1 are “Undead” conversions of other Kaiju Kaos miniatures. These models require a slotta base for deployment (not provided).

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