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Sinister Scarecrows Pack #5 (2)

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Sinister Scarecrows Pack #5 (2) Faction: Sinister Scarecrows

Faction: Sinister Scarecrows

Sculpted by: Fiendish Fabrications

With the Talisman of Camulos, Silas is able to trap lost souls in objects such as scarecrows and pumpkins, and animate them. Silas originally used his animated minions to work as field hands but after tragedy struck, he armed his legion of Sinister Scarecrows and declared war on the Wicked Werewolves.

Assault Rifle Scarecrows
After a decade of warring, Silas started looking for ways to gain the upper-hand against his numerous enemies. Finding success with the Assault Rifle Specialist known as Crusoe, Silas began trapping the souls of deceased marksmen and snipers, creating as many Assault Rifle Troopers and Specialists in his army as he could find slain enemies.