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14/7 Members Club

Base price $30.00
Base price for variant $30.00
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Product Description
14/7 Members Club Join Now and Save!

The Offer:
14/7 Members Club members receive 20% off retail prices on all our products in any product line purchased directly through Acheson Creations.

At least three times each year, Acheson Creations will release a special item available to 14/7 Members Club members at a reduced final price of $7.00. The retail price for non- members will be $14.00. (The additional club savings of 20% off does not apply to this item.)

Members will be sent a membership card with ID #.  Present the card and personal ID to receive your club benefits at the Acheson Creations booth at any show or convention.

14/7 Members Club membership is $30.00 per year.

Both 14/7 Members Club members’ and non-members’ shipments in the USA are eligible for free shipping on orders of $100.00 or more.

Shipments outside of the USA are eligible for free shipping on orders of $250.00 or more.



20% discount does not apply to painted or collectors edition prices.


The Process:

After the order is completed, we will manually set you up as a club member and send you a confirmation email, typically within 24 hours.  You can ignore the instructions in the confirmation email pointing you to a place to download your product.